Thursday, 6 October 2011


 phewww after a few of month tak update blog! imis you so much my baby bloggggg! come to mama . big hug to youu mmuah mmuah .rindu sangat :( lame tak bebel kat sini kan, memang banyak sgt cerita!  . and i want to tell you guys about a sad story , yesterday my close relative ISKANDAR MIRZA was leave we all :( im so sad about this. malam selamam , Atok Gee call terus btau yg uncle Is dh takde :'( uncle Is accident teruk sgt :( mcm tak pecaye jee.  kite dgn kakak terus terdiam mase tu . then kite terus call mama .  recite al fatihah to him :'( i will miss you uncle Is. even kite tak rapat, but i feel that i very lost you cause kite one family . semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat n ditempatkan dgn org2 yang beriman . i love you uncle Is .

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