Saturday, 25 June 2011

 okay today is not about the happy or funny post at all. result out! i got one paper failed! arghhh just ignore it.just wait for MAMA MONSTERS babbling on me. by the way i need to tell you guys something. its the secret but its not really secret because i let you know. alright IHATESCHOOL :D just such a neardy when the i saw the TEACHER . fuckin bitch. it complety in mess.. deep inside my heart BILA NAk HABIS SEKOLAH ..alright take a deep breath.... i got so much thing on my mind.. and the first thing that on my mind is MY HAIR.actually next week im decided for colour my hair! woww its sound exciting..im very happy about this,but still not have idea what colour must should i choose.okayy blaa blaa blaa forget about it. and i have one story that very fuuny and im happy about it wahahaha :D okay actually aku kena ikut papa aku pergi pasir gudang.then that time i was kinda lazy for help him.tapi aku anak yg baik ikut jugaklaa haha.okay then smpi sane , wowww i saw the MONSTER haha jokeee-- actualy aku jumpe sorang mamat muke jambu. okay aku mengaku die HANDSOME hehe. then tetibee nak tahu lelaki tu buat ape? HE LOOKING TO ME! brr melonjak lonjak aku excited sambil jerit YAYYYY haha. okay aku mengaku aku gedik memang mengalahkan itik. sape yg taksuke aku yang gedik ni GET OFF FROM MY PAGE BITCH :D okay continue for the first base.. okay then tetibe die tanya name aku kat papa...wow is it dream?aku try tampar pipi aku okay sakitt ini bukan mimpi.haha.yeayy yeayy he ask my nameeeee... weeeeeeeee :D such a silly day :) sumpah aku macam monyet haha tapi masa tu aku memang JUAL MAHAL gile hahaha. 3days i were thereee. (pasir gudang) haha okay stop here.. penat nak cerita lagi. he funny, imiss his laughh at all..and aku rindu dekat mukaa kau haha :D 

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