Friday, 13 May 2011

time fer studyy jue !

  brr so boredd :<  everyday, words from my parent ' studyy.. studyy... studyy...' 
  there no other word want to mention like ' adik jum ikud mama pegi shopping! or anything '
  everyone keep calling me lazy? no im not :< but a bit lil hehee
 my exam will start on 20 may 2011, im very scared about it,
 hah sape yang tak takut kan? yesterday, 
sy tye mama ' mama esk adik klua kejp ea? please :< '
 and mama answers : ' no, you cannot go :) focus on your study, you will exam next week, 
so full your time with studyy, study, study and studyy ' hahh after i heard the answers, 
my face changed and 'MASAM' lebih kurang laa hahaa
nevermind laa, after exam i cann go out :) so this time for study okay :) 
this exam very important because this is the middle of year exam :) 
so i have to study hardddd ! try do your best jyju , and to all of you out here, 
who also exam like me, i wishh you good luck okayy! hee dun furget for study ya my frendd! with loves <3

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